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In-flight Catering Systems

As world's number one leading provider for automated material handling systems for in-flight catering facilities, we designed our systems with customers' requirements in mind and strive to perform beyond client's expectations. An integrated system and solutions are specially designed to optimize the system's performance, streamlining the operations and minmising the operation costs.

Automated Material Handling Systems for In-Flight Catering Facilities

System Overview

Our fully automated Material Handling Systems (MHS) are custom–designed to ensure seamless transportation of materials across work areas in the facility as required by the work flow and operation processes.

Receiving and High Bay Store
Our computerised warehouse management systems intelligently facilitate the operation and function of receiving goods, storage, order picking and automated traffic between the Store and the Production.
Equipment Packing and Bar Dry Goods and Amenities
Washed equipment and cutlery items are sorted, and packed. Bar carts are replenished together with dry goods and amenities. Fresh supplies of these items come from the High Bay Store.
Tray Setting Handling
These operations are typically located in another floor. The Tray Setting Handling receives washed items from the Ware-Wash and Equipment Packing areas as well as dry goods from the High Bay Store.
In-bound and Central ID
The production operations start in the in-bound where items are stripped from the carts to be washed. The washed items are sorted and packed into bins and these are identified at the Central ID stations, so that they can be automatically delivered to their specific destinations in other parts of the production.

GN-Tray Handling Systems

Our systems use thermoplastic food grade chain belt conveyors to transport trays loaded with hot food to an in-line buffer for storage and retrieved. These chain belts are specially made to handle hot conveyances and are resistant to most chemicals used in washing.

Automation Control and Computer Systems

The heart and capability of the automated MHS lies in the automation control and computer system which handle the complexity of an integrated system.

The CMS (Control & Monitoring System) computer system integrates the automated functions of all the conveyor systems and the ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System). It provides a monitoring system for the automated system support and maintenance functions.

The SMCS (Store Management & Control System) is a computer system for the warehousing and material control as well as management functions.

The CMS and the SMCS are linked to achieve an integrated automated material handling and management system for the catering facility.